Dekoder Satelitor



New product


FlyBOX satellite, is the DIGITALB decoder, which provides functions such as:

  • Linear TV:
    • SD – Viewing Standard Definition Channels (720 × 576)
    • HD – Viewing High Definition Channels (1920×1080)
    • 3D – viewing of certain programs in 3D (TV should also be 3D)
    • Stream channels even in Mpeg4 format
  • POPCORN with Hard Disk –viewing VOD programs, which are previously downloaded to HARD DISK. To be able to access the POPCORN catalog, the appliance must be connected to the DIGITALB HARD DISK.. 
  • POPCORN with Internet  – viewing VOD programs, via FlyBOX connection to the Internet. To access the POPCORN catalog, the device must be connected to the Internet via cable or WiFi via the WiFi USB device of DIGITALB and the SC must also be registered in MW too  (no connection to the HARD DISK device is required).. 
  • TimeShift – stops and resumes the live program where you left it, with a maximum duration of one hour. With the "Pause" / "Play" commands. For this, DIGITALB HARD DISK or USB memory is required.
  • PVR  – recording and viewing of programs at the desired time (personal video recorder). You can view a channel and record another at the same time. For this, you must be equipped with a DIGITALB HARD DISK or a USB memory. Up to two programs (channels) can be recorded simultaneously. Through Dual Tuner technology, it is possible to record a program, and watch a program in real-time in the other channel.
  • MediaPlayback – plays multimedia files such as video, audio, and images that can be stored on a USB external memory. 
  • Interaktiv – Connecting your device to the Internet, enables interactive functions
  • Catchup TVwatching a program of a certain channel even after being broadcasted before. 
  • MultiScreen & MultiRoom the program transmitted from the device can be viewed on other devices at the same time, TV, Smart phone, Tablet, etc.
  • IPTV watching TV channels via the FlyBOX connection to the Internet.

The perfect shape for decoders, personalized and conceived by DIGITALB.

To receive the signal, there is a need for a LNB double-headed parabola. Real weight 1.2 kg